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Chip Gaines Gets A Head-Turning New Look For A Good Cause

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Chip Gaines sat in a barber’s chair on August 27 and went from Waco hippie to “bald as a bat,” as Chip said in an interview with “Today” (via Twitter). Initially, he was growing out his locks simply because hairdressers weren’t available during the COVID-19 pandemic. Then it morphed into a good cause. As an August 27 Instagram video from Joanna Gaines explained, Chip donated his hair to Children With Hair Loss, an organization that provides wigs to kids undergoing cancer treatment. Chip and Joanna also promoted the hair removal event as a fundraiser for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Donations to St. Jude ensure that families of its young patients don’t have to pay for treatment, or even food, travel, or housing.

In the immediate aftermath of the shave, Chip didn’t know what to feel. “I’ve got a lot of feelings, all the emotions,” Chip said in the Instagram video. Chip’s fans were more sure of themselves in their reactions. “You look soooooooo much better and for a good cause!!” @angel.h.davis commented. This being social media, opinions were divided of course. “Love the sentiment but if my husband shaved his head bald I would file for divorce,” @prettypinkcasket said.


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