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Everything We Know About Cinnamon Toast Crunch Cookie Dough

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If you are craving that patented Cinnamon Toast Crunch Cinnadust flavor, what better way to enjoy it than on some good old-fashioned cinnamon rolls? Starting June 2021, you should be able to enjoy both Cinnamon Toast Crunch cookie dough and cinnamon rolls in your Pillsbury baking section at nationwide grocers. The cinnamon rolls will be sold in your traditional Pillsbury tube of eight, with the frosting package on the inside. Yet, while the rolls are also ready-to-bake, you should not eat this dough raw. 

These flavor profiles sound spot on to us. Cinnamon with sugar cookies adds a classic snickerdoodle-style flavor, whether you add the icing or not. Pillsbury’s traditional cinnamon rolls could clearly benefit from being kicked up a notch with some cereal-worthy seasoning, too. The only thing cereal lovers may truly miss is the crunch, though we do not recommend adding crunch to the rolls or cookies, and instead, encourage you to follow the directions on the packaging itself.

So, if you crave those tasty squares, rolls, or cookies, get to your store now before they are gone!

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