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Everything You Need To Know About Pickles

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Pickles are one of those foods that you don’t even have to cook. You can simply crack open a jar and stick your fingers in there to grab however many slices or sticks you desire. The flavor complements many dishes, making them a go-to for salad, burger, and sub toppings.

Tuna salad is one popular dish that often includes a ton of chopped-up pickles. Tuna salad is just tuna, celery, chopped cilantro, pickles (obviously), lemon juice, oil, and pepper. Basically, you mix it all up in a bowl and serve (via Yummly). Simple, quick, and tasty.

You can also fry pickles, which was a favorite of Elvis Presley, says Food Channel. Whether sliced or whole, they can be fried to your liking and dipped into your favorite sauces. Another use of pickles is in the creation of a variation on the classic Bloody Mary cocktail — Delish offers a recipe utilizing pickle juice and cornichons. 

You may have even added them to potato salad, pasta salad, and deviled eggs. The sweet, tangy, and sour flavors lend well to so many dishes, it is hard to imagine something they wouldn’t taste good in. A common “pregnancy craving” is a peanut butter sandwich with pickles (via The Things).

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