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Fabiola Fuentes’ Hell’s Kitchen Health Scare

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To be clear, having a physical or mental health condition, whether dehydration or otherwise, is nothing to be embarrassed about in our view. While viewers might not be sure exactly what went on with the aspiring chef, fans can rest assured that she’s doing alright now. Shortly after her episode aired, one fan said on social media, “My heart breaks for you. What you deal with is so difficult and to do it so publicly is hard. You are amazing!!” Fabiola replied, “thank you so much [heart emoji] I appreciate it was definitely a difficult one I just wanted to keep going but it’s ok and thank you [smile emoji] seriously it means alot it really does facts [heart emoji]” (via Instagram). 

In another response, she elaborates further after a fan asks if she is feeling better: “Thank you so much for asking [hands emoji] I definitely am! I appreciate it so much I definitely was not doing well at all at that time [pray, heart emoji] have a great one!” Commenters sent well wishes about her health, and hopefully, Fabiola has success as she continues her culinary journey.

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