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Guy Fieri’s Biscuit Recipe Calls For This Simple Swap

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Fieri’s recipe calls for a mix of cake flour and all-purpose flour — you still need the all-purpose to give it some weight and texture (via Food Network). But it’s the added cake flour that gives them their fluffier texture, and makes them less crumbly and less likely to fall apart, like some other biscuits, Insider reports. The recipe also calls for a dusting of sea salt on the top, another unusual option, but combined with the fair amount of butter in the recipe as well as basted on top, it enhances the buttery rich flavor.

Fieri’s recipe calls for using a food processor. One of the biggest reasons biscuits become hard hockey pucks is because the dough has been over-worked or over-kneaded. The kneading process is what activates the gluten, which can make the dough thicker and denser, even with the cake flour. A food processor helps keep that mixing to a minimum, though you can mix it by hand as well.

Cake flour is fairly easy to find in the baking isle of any grocery store, but in a pinch you can create a fairly simple substitute with all-purpose flour and corn starch, notes The Spruce Eats. Just stay away from heavier flours, like bread flours, or you’ll end up with rock-hard lumps of biscuits.

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