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Helplessness Is Not a Life Sentence

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We may feel hopeless and helpless, and suffer constant violence or repetitive obstacles. You may fall into poverty or sad dating. You have to face your own addiction or the addiction of other people who feel powerless. Weakness or teachers, meetings or pictures have repeatedly failed. Feeling pure depression and agreeing that there is no way to get rid of the constant pain and unhappiness. We usually take some answers and steps to switch cases and ease the pain. In the face of desperate prospects, “we are helpless”, we will not seek or receive any help, but will fall into depression.

The period of research powerlessness was the period of explanation of reasons with the help of Martin Seligman in the 1960s. In this case, you will not try to get rid of the bad script, because you learn in the afterlife that you are helpless. When he heard the bell, he surprised the dog a little bit, and accepted the surprise when he heard the bell. He found that once, when the puppies heard the phone, their fear made them feel terrified, as if they were bewildered.Human behavior is similar. For example, if you are cheated or betrayed, then you will eventually become suspicious. You might think that if you do not plan to date again, you will be deceived. You can then react to your thoughts, get angry, wrongly accuse your new partner, or break up. We remember that we project overwhelming happiness on different people and give situations.

 Seligman proceeded in a similar way, placing the cubs in a box, and the boxes were separated so that surprise could only work on one edge. The puppies should easily cross the low fence, over the other side, and stay away from the blow. However, there are no more boys! Instead, they gave up and put their feet down. Then, he was surprised to find that this unusual puppy was in a fractal box that had not been conditioned by the hood and surprising air before.These cubs quickly jumped to the opposite side of the fence to avoid accidents, which shows that conditional cubs are not defensive. Another example is to tie a baby elephant to a pole. When the chains are removed, they will not leak.

The important thing about negative attribution is how we interpret the event. People portray the causal relationship between internal and external factors. If they accept the problems they often encounter, they have no incentive to improve, retry or try new things. This kind of bad communication with people is evidence of inner unhappiness, and it also makes this unhappiness persist for a long time.They noticed that we were working upstairs, and they just believed that we had resolved the bad incentives, even if they thought we did not use these incentives. Helplessness and abusive power imbalance are common in abusive relationships. Attackers looking for energy blame different people for their behavior.

Indifferent vanity and emotional abuse, as well as humiliation, restraint and secret manipulation. When confronted, they often expand, threatening further violence or ending with violence. Adjust the abuser to yield and avoid to reduce violence and feel safe. When he was able to get angry and protest at first, he finally realized that this strategy usually backfired. It can destroy your emotions, leading to trauma and/or depression. It can amplify physical symptoms. As fear and suffering increase, they disagree that they can leave and become a shell of their old self.Periodic reinforcement will exacerbate this performance, and in this case, adaptation will become a manifestation of addictive behavior. Helplessness in childhood. The childhood of many co-addicts has expanded, and they have found helplessness. Since the survival of the youngest children really depends on our parents, it has become easier now, not physically or emotionally. We quickly learned how to live safely and reduce parents’ dissatisfaction with their parents. When the definition is sloppy, lack of emotion, criticism, control or offensive, we will no longer feel insecure, but will increase our sense of inferiority. It’s a shame that we feel powerless, unable to hear and make a difference. These parents said: “This is my way, or my way.” “I don’t care” or “You are a burden. Narcissistic mothers or fathers, multiple mothers and fathers with multiple mental illnesses or drug addicts ignore , Humiliate or abuse their children”

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