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Here’s How To Get Cast On Jamie Oliver: Together

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The show “Jamie Oliver: Together” will air on Channel 4 in the fall, which is a bit after the September 2 release date of his latest cookbook, “Together: Memorable Meals, Made Easy.” Presumably, the show will serve as an advertising program, spotlighting recipes contained within the book. 

Oliver explained as much on his website: “I wanted the recipes to feel like a culinary light at the end of the tunnel, where food can be enjoyed and savoured. This is about giving you an excuse to get the people you love around the table again.” Similarly, the show “Jamie Oliver: Together” will, as Channel 4 describes, feature him both cooking such meals for his family and inviting the selected key workers for meals at his home. “We really want this series to help people come together over delicious food and celebrate a moment that we’re collectively going through as the nation starts to come together again,” Samantha Beddoes, Executive Producer at the Jamie Oliver Group, explained to Channel 4. 

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