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Nearly 25% Agree This Is The Worst Oreo Flavor

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So, if “Carrot cake” was, hands-down, the least favorite flavor of Oreo, according to the 593 people in the U.S. who responded to Mashed’s survey on the topic, where does that leave the other many, many flavors of Oreos? Well, not all that far behind “Carrot cake” in the race-to-worst-flavor was “Mint,” which earned 19.22% of the votes. Just behind that came “Birthday cake,” with 17.03% of the 593 votes. Just behind “Birthday cake,” the “Lemon” flavor came in at fourth worst. Fifth place went to “Peanut butter,” whose fans represented three percentage points more than the fans of “Lemon” (16.02%). 

Much of the bottom 10% of the survey was made up of votes for “S’Mores,” which totaled 8.60%. Bringing up the rear, was Oreo’s “Chocolate” flavor, which we assume refers to the flavor pictured above, good ole, plain ole “Chocolate” (as opposed to “Dark Chocolate,” “Chocolate Marshmallow” or any of the other Oreo flavors that have “Chocolate” as part of their name). Now, the next logical question is: How do you eat your Oreo? Twist off the top? Or as a sandwich?

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