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Cussed stomach fats stunting your progress? EMSCULPT-NEO might be the reply

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Cussed stomach fats is usually the final to go and may have an effect on your motivation and progress in terms of weight reduction. However now Dr MediSpa’s new non-invasive fats loss expertise Emsculpt-NEO might be the reply to a flatter tummy

Whether or not we’re burning ourselves out on the fitness center or suppressing our appetites, most of us nonetheless wrestle to shift that final little bit of cussed stomach fats.

In my case, even being extraordinarily lively, understanding often (approx three days per week) and consuming tremendous wholesome nonetheless didn’t make me body-happy, or no less than body-content.

There are a lot of units and coverings for fats discount, most of which don’t work, have dangers or are fairly invasive and never for the faint hearted.

However equally, exhausting your self within the fitness center seven days per week and limiting your self to 800 energy a day additionally doesn’t seem to be a complete heap of enjoyable.

So what kind of technological interventions do work for cussed fats loss?


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Dr MediSpa’s, EMSCULPT-NEO is the world’s first floor breaking, non-invasive expertise that reshapes your physique, by way of fats discount and muscle constructing in a single single applicator.

This revolutionary process concurrently delivers warmth utilizing synchronised RF (radio-frequency) to dissolve the fats by 30 per cent and HIFEM+ (excessive depth centered electromagnetic area) magnetic power to extend muscle mass by 25 per cent, all in a single 30 minute remedy.

After all I’m not suggesting {that a} nutritious diet and common train isn’t nice for fats loss and a wholesome way of life, however I’m a robust believer in giving myself a head begin to fats loss in terms of utilizing intense expertise that may sizzle that cussed stomach fats away in a means through which our our bodies and minds by no means may.

the world’s first floor breaking, non-invasive expertise that reshapes your physique

Plus the remedy can also be excellent for anybody who simply desires extra lean, sculpting definition. Additionally for many who simply don’t have time to sweat on the fitness center for hours.

After talking not solely to the prolific Dr Munir Somji and the folks behind the expertise, I used to be satisfied that this remedy will present me with the distinction I used to be searching for.

We name this fats discount by neuromuscular stimulation and radio frequency-induced lipolysis, for elevated blood move, muscle development and strengthening.

Emsculpt neo stubborn belly fat reduction DrMediSpa

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In the course of the remedy…

You’re requested to take off all your jewelry and lie down comfortably, pull down your trousers and carry your high up. The therapist then applies the devise onto your decrease abdomen area and buckles you in, ensuring it sit in the appropriate place.

The therapist will then clarify the process and the sensations you might be about to expertise. The feeling begins mildly to ease you into it. You’re feeling somewhat tingling after which somewhat warmth begins to return by.

The therapist will increase the feeling based mostly on how far you want to go. The depth goes all the best way as much as 100. Most sufferers can rise up to 100 of their first session, which is strongly beneficial.

At a 100 it feels as if your decrease abdomen muscle tissues are having contracting. It may be uncomfortable however not painful. It actually does really feel like essentially the most intense inner exercise you’ve gotten ever had. I stored pondering that there’s now means I may by no means obtain this degree of work-out depth myself.

HIFEM+ is essentially the most intensively researched expertise utilized in non-invasive physique shaping

In lower than 4 minutes the temperature in subcutaneous fats reaches ranges that trigger apoptosis; damaging the fats cells completely and slowly eradicating them from the physique by flushing them out by the metabolic course of.

The muscle temperature rises by a number of levels just like what a warm-up exercise does earlier than any exercise, however by passing the mind limitations, HIFEM+ power contracts the muscle fibres at intensities that aren’t humanly achievable throughout voluntary exercise.

Your legs shake and twitch involuntary and that is additionally okay (it reveals the machine is doing its job) you may even see your abs contracting beneath your pores and skin. The warmth sensation additionally rises however nothing ever feels uncomfortable and all may be very tolerable.

When the method is over and the devise is eliminated you will notice sweat and redness within the space which matches down in minutes – the look of an excessive exercise, solely you’ve been mendacity down comfortably as an alternative.

Optimistic outcomes present typically two to 4 weeks after the final session and proceed to enhance a number of weeks following the remedy.

With greater than 30 scientific publications since 2018, HIFEM+ is essentially the most intensively researched expertise utilized in non-invasive physique shaping. Certainly, seven new medical research confirmed EMSCULPT-NEO was constant in eliminating fats and/or constructing muscle.

The earlier than and after photos show simply how superb this new expertise is. EMSCULPT-NEO treats any a part of your physique and normally the beneficial remedy is a course of 4 with one week in-between remedies.

In a nutshell:

  • Appropriate for sufferers with BMI as much as 35
  • Painless
  • Non-invasive
  • 2 therapies in 1
  • FDA-cleared and CE medically marked
  • Tech developed with over 300 R&D engineers

Costs begin from a single session of £1000, with 4 periods course being £3000.

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emerald laser stubborn belly fat removal technology

I additionally beneficial having the EMERALD Laser as a blasting finisher to the EMSCULPT-NEO remedy. Once more, simply lie down and let the ten, 532nm inexperienced lasers penetrate you from each angle.

EMERALD Laser is a secure, non-invasive, non-surgical fats loss remedy which shrinks fats cells in cussed areas of the physique. Sufferers lose a mean of six inches over a course of remedy, with no downtime.

Costs begin from £350 per session, with a course of 10 for £2900 and a course of 6 being £1800.

dr medi spa

Dr Munir Somji is a beauty surgeon and medical director of the DrMediSpa clinic. He has over a decade of expertise in growing and performing superior surgical, non-surgical, and comfortable surgical procedure methods, in addition to managing aesthetic problems.

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