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The Only Type Of Onion Aarón Sánchez Uses For Tacos

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Sánchez shared that when he is making up his tacos for Taco Tuesday like the rest of us, he stays away from Spanish onions and instead opts for white onions. He told Food & Wine Magazine, “Spanish onions are too aggressive.” Why white onions? Sánchez told the publication that white onions tend to be milder in taste and they should be served as a garnish, not actually as part of the taco filling. 

This actually makes a lot of sense, given Sánchez’s draw to traditional Mexican cooking. Per Mexconnect.com, white onions are the onions of choice for classic Mexican food. They describe this onion variety’s taste as “clean” and “sharp” and a bit more on the tender side. The food writers at the Washington Post concur, sharing that the mild taste of white onions make them perfect for a pico de gallo, and they tend to be crispier than yellow onions — the perfect added crunch texture for a taco. When Sánchez wants to really amp up the flavor of his tacos, he uses cilantro, but he also notes that if you don’t want to look like a newbie, keep the stems and use them as a garnish as well.

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