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The Strange Reason One Man Is Attempting To Eat 138,000 Eggs In 3 Days

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Final Fantasy XIV” is a very popular MMORPG (which for the non-gamer, is an online role-playing video game in which many people in disparate locations can play at the same time and also interact with one another, via Thonky). And that tells you at least half of what you need to know to understand the strange reason that one man is attempting to eat 138,000 eggs in three days — which is to say, his human body is not actually eating them, but rather his “Final Fantasy XIV” alter ego is.  

And what might that reason be, pray tell? Why, it’s as basic as it gets: someone sent them to him. According to global gaming authority, PC Gamer, in the summer of 2020, “Final Fantasy XIV” player Ross O’Donovan received a delivery of 999 eggs from a “random stranger” he met while playing the MMO (that’s short for MMORPG). O’Donovan successfully “ate” every last one of them. Now, O’Donovan has received more than 138,000 eggs — virtually, of course.

So what’s a gaming guy to do when he’s gifted with hundreds of thousands of virtual eggs? He is attempting to eat them — all 138,000+ of them, and, of course, this is all happening live over the three-day period, during which the world will get to watch O’Donovan alternately sleep and make his “Final Fantasy XIV” alter ego very very sick of eggs (via YouTube).  Godspeed, young gamer, Godspeed.

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