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This Is The One Recipe Bobby Flay Has Trouble Making

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Believe it or not, Flay does have an Achilles heel, and it comes in the form of a baked good. “Anything with flour, butter, sugar, and eggs,” the self-proclaimed “impatient pastry chef” admitted to Delish, when asked about the dish that he’s most nervous to cook.

More specifically, Flay has trouble perfecting a German chocolate cake, which, despite involving some of his favorite flavors, he still ended up failing at during an episode of his former Food Network program “Throwdown! With Bobby Flay” — a defeat that apparently still haunts him to this day. “The person I went up against made this just spectacular gorgeous wedding cake. Mine was, uh, very country-style,” he recalled (via Delish).

It doesn’t seem to be the flavor of the dessert that he has trouble with, as Flay claims that his final product from the episode tasted good, and he’s even shared a recipe for a German chocolate cake with coconut-pecan cajeta frosting with Food Network. However, when it comes to executing the delectable treat, the chef falls a bit short. “I always have a hard time getting the layers right, like what they look like,” he explained to Delish. “You can always tell my cake is homemade. It’s very rustic.” Perhaps Flay’s shortcomings in the pastry field help explain why he keeps a slab of frozen birthday cake in his freezer.

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